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Hyperspace is the ultimate solution for bricks’n’mortar retailers selling on Amazon. It makes it easy for you to connect your Lightspeed Retail Point of Sale system to Seller Central, creating a simplified, automated product upload/update and order download process.

Mobile shopping has become the focal point for retailers as they strive to meet the growing demand by consumers who want to point-and-click their way to purchases via their smartphone or tablet device. 

A Mashable report identifying what apps are most favored and used by smartphone users. Google takes first place at 92%, followed by Facebook at 84.6% and Yahoo at 83.2%. Firmly in fourth place is Amazon at 68.6%. 70% of Amazon shoppers favored their smartphone for making purchases this past holiday season.

Having a quality shop on Amazon can help communicate and reinforce your brand. Listing products on Amazon has never been easier with Lightspeed Retail Point of Sale. Connect Amazon to Lightspeed Retail Point of Sale and manage all your inventory and orders from one place.

Product information, product images, variants (e.g. size, color) and special Amazon pricing entered into Lightspeed Retail will update to your online Amazon store. Product inventory will be adjusted in both Lightspeed and Amazon to ensure that you never oversell your stock. Orders from Amazon will download to Lightspeed Retail and attach to your customer account history. If the customer does not exist in Lightspeed Retail already, the integration will automatically create the customer record for you.

Amazon integration can be used in conjunction with Lightspeed eCom, Hyperspace eBay Integration, ShipStation and other 3rd party

This is a complete integration where there will usually be no need to go to Amazon at all. All data entry can be performed inside Lightspeed Retail Point of Sale. Amazon is also a brilliant channel for selling end of line or excess inventory.

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