Skip to main content implements successful Omnichannel strategies with Hyperspace and Nexcess Cloud is an outdoor gear and apparel company, offering quality camping, fishing, hiking and travel gear as well as paddle sport rentals. Founded in 1973 based in Austin, Texas, Backwoods has four brick and mortar locations and an online eCommerce platform.

To optimize ordering and fulfillment for their customers, Backwoods wanted to upgrade their website with tools that would enable them to sync all products, inventory and sales between their in-store Point of Sale and their online eCommerce platform. They also needed an Omnichannel connector that could integrate vendor products, vendor inventory and facilitate drop-shipping to customers.

The first step was to find a web hosting provider that could handle the needs of their Magento 2 platform. They knew that they needed a web host that had a lot of experience with Magento 2, but also one that was robust enough to deal with the updates from the Omnichannel connector and future growth. The Omnichannel connector would be responsible for syncing all information from their stores and vendors online. After some trial and error, they chose Nexcess Cloud as their web host. The Nexcess Cloud L-Plan provided exactly what they were looking for.

Nexcess Cloud

“We moved to AWS earlier this year but ran into a ton of problems. In May, we moved to a Nexcess Cloud account using the Large option. It's awesome and support is excellent.”

Matt Mauldin
VP, Ecommerce and Technology

The implementation was easy, and Backwoods was able to add the following extra services to ensure optimum speed and performance:

  1. Redis Cache
  2. Varnish Container
  3. Nexcess Content Delivery Network
  4. SOLR - Elastic Search

Backwoods chose Hyperspace as their Omnichannel connector. Hyperspace is responsible for syncing all data between the in-store and online store. It is also the connector that integrates all 10 vendors into the flow of product data online.
Hyperspace has been working closely with Magento 2 since its inception and their connector supports all of the latest M2 versions.

Hyperspace connector

“We have worked with Hyperspace for years. Their connector is the most reliable in the industry. Our requirements are complex. We needed a connector that could deliver the uptime we needed on a day to day basis.”

For more information about Nexcess Cloud or Hyperspace, contact Hyperspace at 818-957- 8500 or your Nexcess representative at 866-639-2377.