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Business Information Exports

The Hyperspace BIM (Business Information Management) module exports critical analytics data in your Point of Sale to an alternate third party solution or system.

For example, if you need a configurable reporting system for Heartland Retail. Lightspeed or VEND, BIM can export all data to Google Data Studio. Hyperspace BIM can be configured to export all data to numerous 3rd party reporting solutions like TableauAWS QuickSight or Domo.

Data is exported to a pipe-delimited .csv file at the end of each day. You can choose to download the files manually or SFTP them automatically to an alternate server. Hyperspace BIM can be customized to export all data to a source that is easy to connect to a reporting solution. The Hyperspace BIM module exports the following data files:

  1. Inventory - All products and their current inventory count.
  2. Customers - All new customers added for the current day
  3. Sales transactions - All new sales orders for the current day.
  4. Inventory exceptions - All stock adjustments, including manual adjustments and store transfers.
  5. Purchase orders - All purchase orders for the current day.
  6. Price and cost adjustments - All price+ cost changes that occurred for the current day.


The Hyperspace BIM (Business Information Management) module is typically used for the following:

  1. Enables integration to a third party analytics or CRM solution much easier. 
  2. Provides special exports that can be imported into a legacy system.
  3. Removes excess weight on the Lightspeed API by exporting large amounts of data nightly.
  4. Provides a data backup solution with full-redundancy.


Contact Hyperspace today so we can learn more about your requirements for data integration.