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ChannelAdvisor Integration

Imagine creating a product in Lightspeed Retail and with no additional steps, it automatically syncs to over 90 different marketplaces. That is the power of ChannelAdvisor

ChannelAdvisor is a channel management tool that helps you run your multi-channel online business. It provides everything you need to connect with more customers and increase sales on Amazon, eBay, Google, Walmart and dozens of other e-commerce marketplaces. 

Lightspeed Retail is an all-in-one point of sale solution. Lightspeed is the leading provider of cloud-based POS software powering over 50,000 businesses world-wide.

Hyperspace enables you to easily connect Lightspeed Retail to your ChannelAdvisor account. You are able to manage all data and create listings on ChannelAdvisor directly from Lightspeed Retail Point of Sale. 

Hyperspace syncs all product, product variants, images, inventory and more to ChannelAdvisor. It keeps your in-store Point of Sale in sync with your online marketplace inventory. 

All ChannelAdvisor sales orders, including customer data, sync back to Lightspeed Retail. The Hyperspace ChannelAdvisor integration ensures that all product data and stock in your store or warehouse is reflected in listings on all of your marketplaces. It ensured that complete data synchronization is shared across all your online channels.

ChannelAdvisor integration is one of our most flexible and customizable integrations.