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CIN7 Connector for Lightspeed

Point of Sale Connector. CIN7 connector for Lightspeed

Combine Lightspeed and CIN7 together to boost inventory management throughout your operations.

CIN7 is a fully integrated, cloud-based inventory management solution that streamlines stock management across multiple channels. Now you can easily connect CIN7 to your Point of Sale.

All products created in CIN7 automatically sync to create new products in Lightspeed. This eliminates the need for double-data entry and improves operational efficiency across your enterprise.

A. Branch Transfers created in CIN7 will create open Purchase Orders in Lightspeed ready for employees to receive.

B. Sales Orders in Lightspeed automatically sync to CIN7. This includes:

  • Customer Details
  • Sales Order Details (Line Item, Taxes, Discounts, Date/Time)
  • Employee Details
  • Store Location Details

Hyperspace will sync all sales order data in Lightspeed to CIN7.  Sales that contain serial number data will also sync to CIN7.



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