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Circlespace: Apple+Android App for Retail

Circlespace provides your business with a branded app (Apple and Android) registered under your business name (or any name you choose) that appears in Apple and Android app stores. Customers can download your business’s app to their phones and tablets.  

Circlespace has an intuitive user sign-up and introductory home screen that is designed around your brand. You can get as creative as you wish with content, icon layouts, icon shapes, colors and background images. Circlespace's intuitive browser-based app manager enables you to easily make changes in real-time to the look and feel of your app.

E-commerce integration with Lightspeed Retail Point of Sale

For Lightspeed Retail Point of Sale users, all products in LIghtspeed can be sold online in the app. Your customers get a seamless shopping experience that supports Apple Pay, Android Pay and credit card processing. Customer details and sales orders download back to Lightspeed Retail Point of Sale.

Advanced blogging and marketing features

Circlespace enables you to create relevant and interesting topics and subtopics within your app. You can post blogs, upload videos, add photos and podcasts and even upload PDFs that customers can then open inside your app. Customers can follow and comment on topics and "like" your products. Customers get texts when you post an update to a topic they are following. You can also send notifications to the entire app user base, a specific group or just 1 customer. 

Advanced chat features

Circlespace includes an intuitive and powerful chat module that can build community engagement among your customers and your brand. Customers can connect with each other through the app. They can create private groups with users who have accepted their invitation. They can chat directly with a friend and send photos to an entire tagged group of friends. As the app owner you are able to chat with everyone who has downloaded your app as well as send photos or images to answer product questions.