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Consignment Point of Sale, Consignment App

Do you need a Point of Sale that supports Consignment and Trade-in?

Do you sell handmade goods, vintage apparel, rare wine vintages, rare books or antiques?

The Consignment App merges directly into your Point of Sale. It provides a seamless solution for retailers that sell previously owned merchandise for consignment or trade-in. 

It enables you to easily manage sellers and which consignment products have sold.  It also provides a portal that enables sellers to log in and track the status of their specific items on consignment. Below is a short 2-minute video that highlights the Consignment App for Lightspeed.

Click on the video below to see a complete demonstration with retail businesses using the Consignment App or contact Hyperspace at 818-957-8500 to preview a demonstration with one of our team members.

Recent updates
If you are interested in seeing a live demonstration with a client using this app with Lightspeed, please contact the Hyperspace team at 818.957.8500 or email us at: Thank you for visiting.