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Customer/Sales Lookup

This application is designed for organizations that are looking to create a branded application that enables employees to lookup data in one or more third party systems.

  1. The application can serve as a customer greeting app that is used by an employee with a tablet or a computer. Employees can look up order history, product stock and direct a customer to the right salesperson. 

  2. It can be used to provide a single source to pull data from multiple systems into 1 screen. Your employees only have to access 1 system to get all the information they need.

  3. All data can be pulled into the application from several different systems. For example, you can look up a customer to view sales orders in one system and the status of work orders in another. 

  4. The Customer/Sales Lookup app can save you money by keeping the number of employee licenses required by your third party systems to a minimum. You don't have to buy several employee licenses to access information in your system of record.

  5. It can be used to keep specific information confidential. You may not want to allow all employees to access all of the information in your ERP or system of record. Certain details for specific customer groups can be restricted. The app also prevents information from being exported or printed that is typically allowed in most POS or ERP solutions.

The Customer/Sales Lookup app was originally designed for companies that use a Point of Sale with API connectivity and/or NetSuite ERP, but it could be reconfigured to pull data from any source system. It can pull data from your e-commerce site, CRM or any legacy system.

Contact Hyperspace today to discuss your requirements for the Customer/Sales Lookup app and how it can be tailored to suit your business needs.