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Data Warehouse

Hyperspace Data Warehouse is built specifically for businesses running LightSpeed OnSite Point of Sale. It has the ability to extract all data from different store locations that are also using Lightspeed OnSite.

It can automatically pull data from more than one Lightspeed OnSite API for products, stock, sales, employees, purchase orders, customers and more. You can also import data from other systems into the Data Warehouse, such as combining suppliers extracted from Lightspeed OnSite with suppliers from a third party solution. 

Hyperspace Data Warehouse also includes a utility to combine the same customer records from multiple Lightspeed OnSite servers into one customer record.

Hyperspace Data Warehouse for Lightspeed OnSite can be implemented as a cloud-based solution or it can be installed on your own server. It runs on a LINUX server and uses a MYSQL database for data storage.  

This solution can be used to aid in the development of custom projects, exports or imports. Custom development projects (e.g. reports) become easier and much more affordable using the Hyperspace Data Warehouse framework as the foundation for your project. Since all the web services, sync technology and database is pre-built, most of the heavy lifting is already done.
Pricing for Hyperspace Data Warehouse is variable, depending on the customizations required and whether it is provided as a hosted solution or a software license installed on-premises.