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The Driver’s License Scan App

The Driver’s License Scan App is designed for Lightspeed businesses that sell products to customers above a certain age requirement. 

It is currently used by retail stores that sell liquor, tobacco and vape products. FDA (Food & Drug Administration) requires specific businesses to document the fact that they are checking the ID and verifying the age of each customer. The verification step should be noted in the Point of Sale and on the receipt.

The Hyperspace Drivers License App provides a seamless, integrated solution that is accessed from the sales screen in Lightspeed. The screen is designed to look and feel exactly like Lightspeed to provide a seamless experience for your employees.



With a button push in the sales screen in Lightspeed and a new window opens with prompts to scan or enter the DL#.



Once an ID/DL is scanned or entered you are returned back to the sale in Lightspeed The information is then populated to the customer account and a specific verification note is added to the sale and receipt.



Hyperspace can integrate with any scanner model. The Drivers License App is currently integrated to the following models:

Zebra DS6708-DL20007ZZR


The Drivers License app ensures that you are compliant with all regulations, takes the guesswork out of verifying a customer's age, and provides a seamless experience for you and your employees.