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eBay Integration

eBay is the number one online shopping destination with millions of people browsing and buying products.  eBay currently has over 8% of the market share for all online purchases in the United States.

Having a quality shop on eBay can help communicate and reinforce your brand. Listing products on eBay has never been easier with Lightspeed. Hyperspace enables you to easily connect eBay to Lightspeed and manage all your inventory and orders from one place. 

eBay is especially useful for moving last year’s stock under a different company brand, such as wholesale apparel. Hyperspace is used by hundreds of clients each day and many of those businesses use eBay to move stagnant stock off their shelves.

The Hyperspace integration for eBay enables you to feed product information, product images, variants (such as size and color) and special eBay pricing entered into Lightspeed. Product inventory will be adjusted in both Lightspeed and eBay to ensure that you never oversell your stock. Orders from eBay will download to Lightspeed and attach to your customer account history. If the customer does not exist in Lightspeed, the integration will automatically create the customer record for you. eBay integration can be used in conjunction with Hyperspace/Amazon integration and other third party integrations.