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Heartland Retail Franchise Connector for Shopify

banner Shopify Franchise Connector for Heartland Retail

The Heartland Retail Franchise Connector for Shopify enables companies with franchisees to easily create 1 online experience.

All franchisees can integrate with the corporate online store to boost sales revenue and deliver a seamless omnichannel experience for their customers.

But let’s be clear: connecting 1 Point of Sale to an online store is simple. Connecting 25, 50, or 100 or more franchises, each with their own Point of Sale, can be a daunting task. 

Heartland Retail simplifies the process for you. It enables all of your franchisees to update the Corporate online store with their own in-store stock. Each franchisee can contribute their own stock into a single Shopify site. Online orders are automatically routed to each franchisee’s Point of Sale for fulfillment. All customer and sales information is kept private between the individual franchisees.

  • Whether you have 10, 50 or 200 franchisees, the Franchise Connector will sync stock from all franchisees up to Shopify. All stock changes in Heartland Retail Point of Sale will update Shopify, ensuring that you never oversell your available inventory
  • Shopify online orders will automatically download and route to the correct franchisee based on your rules and logic. You can create rules based on the customer’s address, available stock, priority, and more.
  • Franchisees automatically receive detailed email notifications when they receive a new online order for fulfillment.
  • Franchisees can activate their own personal ShipStation ( account to automate fulfillment tasks related to picking, packing, and shipping. Orders assigned to a specic franchisee will automatically sync to their ShipStation account.
  • Online returns are automated according to your business rules.
  • The corporate entity has full control over which products and prices list for sale online through the franchisees.
  • The corporate entity can easily add and remove franchisees from participating.


Your business can also implement an optional Franchise Consolidated Reporting Solution. This solution is tailored to your business and can be integrated with custom BI dashboards and reports. All in-store and online sales data is consolidated to enable the Franchise to view analytics across the entire franchise enterprise.

Contact Heartland Retail today at 833-347-2191 to schedule a demonstration of the Franchise Connector.

The Franchise Connector was built in conjunction with Heartland Retail and the Hyperspace team. Hyperspace is a Heartland Retail certified partner. The Franchise Connector is supported and hosted by Hyperspace (