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NetSuite Expert Development Services

If you’re looking to create the perfect integration, SuiteScript customization or web application for NetSuite ERP we can help.

Shopify Design / Development

Hyperspace is a full-service agency that helps clients elevate their brand and create emotional connections with their customers.

Work World Working Smarter Not Harder

Work World connects NetSuite ERP, Heartland Retail Point of Sale and Shopify into 1 seamless solution

Foot Solutions’ e-commerce choices put franchisees on the right foot

By connecting their Point of Sale data to Shopify, franchisees can now fully and seamlessly pool their inventory and make it available to customers regardless of location.

NetSuite ERP for Shopify

Hyperspace offers the most advanced NetSuite ERP Connector for Shopify available. It is designed for serious retailers that wish to create an eCommerce experience that excels above all others.

VEND E-Invoice App

This application is designed to allow retailers to comply with new regulations that require the use of electronic invoices. When sales are completed in VEND Point of Sale, the specific format for the E-Invoice will be automatically emailed to the customer on the sale.

CIN7 Connector for Lightspeed

Combine Lightspeed and CIN7 together to boost inventory management throughout your operations.

Bottle Deposits for VEND

The Bottle Deposits App for VEND Point of Sale provides retailers with a solution to automate adding refundable deposits to a sale. It enables retailers to log refundable deposits and account for their handling of bottles and cans.

Invoiced Connector for Heartland Retail

Invoiced helps companies get paid faster, saves time on collections and provides a better customer experience overall. Hyperspace enables you to seamlessly connect Invoiced with Heartland Retail Point of Sale.

YOTPO Connector for Heartland Retail

YOTPO provides an integrated solution to enable marketers to gather, curate, manage and respond to all kinds of user content from just a single platform. Hyperspace offers an integrated connector to enable retailers to implement omnichannel loyalty through their business.

Heartland Retail Franchise Connector for Shopify

The Heartland Retail Franchise Connector for Shopify enables companies with franchisees to easily create 1 online experience.

Shopify Store Pickup for Enterprise Retail

Hyperspace introduces Shopify Integration with BOPIS for Retailers with 20+ Stores implements successful Omnichannel strategies with Hyperspace and Nexcess Cloud is an outdoor gear and apparel company, offering quality camping, fishing, hiking and travel gear as well as paddle sport rentals.

Advanced Sales Queue for VEND

The Advanced Sales Queue App offers a variety of features to improve and enhance your VEND Point of Sale ( You are able to turn on exactly what you need for your business. You can use all of the app features listed below or just one for the same price.

NetSuite ERP integration for Heartland Retail POS

Combining NetSuite ERP with Heartland Retail Point of Sale provides businesses with the perfect combination of solutions to run their business effectively.

Age Verification Application (RACS Compliant)

The Age Verification Application is used by retail stores that sell liquor, tobacco and vape products.

NetSuite ERP Integration

NetSuite ERP is a complete, scalable cloud ERP solution targeted to fast-growing, mid-sized businesses and large enterprises. It automates front- and back-office processes, including financial and revenue management, fixed assets, and order, billing and inventory management. 

RSR Vendor Stock Feed

The RSR Group, Inc. is the top distributor in the shooting sports market and has been recognized for its commitment to the industry and its programs.

SIMMS Vendor Feed-Stock Feed

SIMMS is recognized as a global leader in the fishing industry. Hyperspace offers a simple integration that enables you to sync stock from SIMMS to Lightspeed.

OCG - Outdoor Gear Canada Vendor Feed

Hyperspace offers a simple integration that enables you to sync stock from OCG Distribution to Lightspeed. If you use Lightspeed as your Point of Sale, you can create a second location in Lightspeed.

Genius Central Connectors

Use the Hyperspace Connector to automatically sync Purchase Orders from Genius Central to Lightspeed.

NetSuite Connector for THE ICONIC

Use Hyperspace to keep your NetSuite ERP in sync with THE ICONIC. Easily sync and automate all processes related to products, inventory and orders.

NetSuite ERP Connector for Farfetch

Use Hyperspace to keep your NetSuite ERP in sync with FARFETCH. Easily sync and automate all processes related to products, inventory and orders.

Outdoor / FFL Dealer Strategies

Since 2008 Hyperspace has worked with numerous firearm stores to help them automate their operations and implement strategies to improve sales.

Reports for Lightspeed

Hyperspace includes the Reports module with all of our integrations. For example, if you use our Shopify integration, the Reports module is included at no cost.

Data Import Tools

Hyperspace includes the Data Import tools module with all of our integrations. For example, if you use our Shopify integration, the Data Import Tools are included at no cost. 

Discogs Connector

Contact Hyperspace today to schedule a demonstration.

Delivery Manager

The Hyperspace Delivery Manager is an add-on for your Point of Sale.

Reverb Connector

Reverb is a leading online marketplace for buying and selling new, used, and vintage musical instruments.

NetSuite Development Services

Hyperspace offers Certified NetSuite Developers to elevate your business processes.  Our team has experience supporting enterprise NetSuite businesses throughout the world.

Sync data from 2 Point of Sale instances

The Multi-Account Sync is an add-on for Hyperspace Cloud. It enables you to sync data from one Point of Sale account to another.

Mariana Tek Connector

The Mariana Tek Connector is designed for businesses in the fitness industry that want to combine the ultimate business management software.

Work Order Monitor (Display view)

The Work Order monitor app is designed for businesses that need to display the real-time status of Work Orders to employees, technicians or customers.

B2B Invoice Manager

The B2B invoice / Project Manager App was created for retailers that sell to designers, contractors, builders and other 'Business to Business' clients.

ChannelAdvisor Vendor Integration

The ChannelAdvisor Vendor Stock Connector enables retailers to integrate one or more vendors into their omnichannel stock workflow.

Shopify Reverse Sync

If you have an existing Shopify site and are just getting started with Lightspeed, Hyperspace offers Shopify Reverse Sync to make the entire process simple and easy to integrate the 2 systems.  

Magento 2 Vendor Connect

The Magento 2 Vendor Stock Connector enables retailers to integrate one or more vendors into their omnichannel stock workflow.

Magento 2 Enterprise

Hyperspace is currently updating this page with new information and video demonstrations.

Shopify Vendor Stock Connector

The Shopify Vendor Stock Connector enables retailers to integrate one or more vendors into their omnichannel stock workflow.

Retail Strategies

In this article, we want to present the top three strategies retailers adopted and we believe they will continue to be important in the future

Hyperspace Product Information Management (PIM)

Hyperspace Product Information Management (PIM) provides a single place to collect, manage, and enrich your product information, create a product catalog, and distribute it to various channels.

Shopify and Shopify Plus Integration

Shopify is a complete e-commerce solution that allows you to set up an online store to sell your goods. Over 600,000 merchants trust in Shopify for online e-commerce.

Amazon Integration

Hyperspace-Amazon integration provides a simplified, automated product feed, inventory sync, and sales order download process.

WooCommerce Integration

WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce plug-in designed for online merchants of any size that uses WordPress. An official WordPress product since 2015, WooCommerce powers online stores for over 500,000 businesses today. 

eBay Integration

eBay is the number one online shopping destination with millions of people browsing and buying products.  

The Driver’s License Scan App

The Driver’s License Scan App is designed for businesses that sell products to customers above a certain age requirement.

Momentis ERP Integration

Momentis ERP is an exceptional cloud ERP solution for apparel/fashion businesses. It is a complete ERP solution that offers product lifecycle management, supply chain management, warehouse management and financials in one solution.

ChannelAdvisor Integration

Seamlessly integrate your Point of Sale with ChannelAdvisor channel management tool, and integrate with over 90 different marketplaces online.

Salesforce Integration

Salesforce is the world's leading CRM software and enterprise cloud ecosystem. Salesforce is designed to help businesses grow into more streamlined, effective and efficient organizations across their sales, service and marketing operations.

Intacct ERP Integration

Sage Intacct’s ERP provides businesses with greater visibility, scalability and flexibility to eliminate manual work and simplify complex financial processes.

Magento Open Source and Enterprise Integration

Hyperspace provides advanced integrations for both Magento 1 and Magento 2 integrated with Lightspeed.

Spree Commerce Integration

Spree Commerce is a complete, scalable, API-driven open source e-commerce framework.  It is built on Ruby on Rails.

ShipStation Integration

ShipStation is a web-based, multi-carrier shipping solution for retailers. Designed to streamline the fulfillment process. ShipStation prints custom packing slips, shipping labels and generates emails.

PrismRBS Integration for Apple Device Enrollment

The Hyperspace Apple Device Enrollment Solution for PrismRBS enables you to streamline the reporting and registration process for your Apple products by integrating to your Point of Sale

ERP Integration Services

Hyperspace provides development services for numerous accounting and ERP platforms. We are API integration experts.

Data Warehouse

Hyperspace Data Warehouse can automatically pull data from more than one point of sale API for products, stock, sales, employees, purchase orders, customers and more.

Mobile App Development

Hyperspace is a one-stop-solution for all your businesses’ mobile app needs. We are full stack, U.S-based company focused on quality, speed and usability.

Integration for Apple Device Enrollment

The Hyperspace Apple Device Enrollment Solution enables you to streamline the reporting and registration process for your Apple products.

Apple Device Enrollment

Apple Device Enrollment provides a solution for business entities and educational institutions to register and deploy corporate-owned Mac devices.

Business Information Exports

The Hyperspace BIM (Business Information Management) module exports critical analytics data to an alternate 3rd party reporting solution or system.

Custom Price Stickers app

The Hyperspace Custom Price Sticker Application is a web-based application that provides an advanced user interface to print custom barcode stickers in any format.

Purchase Order App

Purchase Order Universal is our most adventurous add-on to date. It provides an advanced solution to create and receive purchase orders.

Phone Order Add-On

The Phone Order application is designed to assist employees who are doing sales over the phone. 

Weight Scale Integration

Retailers can easily integrate a weight scale using VEND Point of Sale. Cashiers place an item on the weight scale, add the line item to the sale and it will instantly update the quantity and price. Everything works seamlessly directly from the VEND sales screen.

Customer/Sales Lookup

This application is designed for organizations that are looking to create a branded application that enables employees to lookup data in one or more 3rd party systems.

Sales and Work Order Forms

Hyperspace can develop inline forms that enable your employees to input additional data when creating sales orders or work orders.