Hyperspace Cloud

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Hyperspace Cloud enables different software applications to communicate and sync data between one another. Its primary focus is to integrate applications with LightSpeed Retail Point of Sale. 

Hyperspace Cloud is a unified integration platform that connects Lightspeed Retail Point of Sale to other 3rd party applications. It includes several integrations, data import tools, custom apps and reports. It enables the entire community of LightSpeed Retail users to leverage new applications and extensions for LightSpeed Retail Point of Sale.  If you have an online store, CRM, ERP, Accounting platform or any other solution that you wwould like to integrate to LightSpeed Retail Point of Sale, please contact us.

Here is a list of integrations built into Hyperspace Cloud for Lightspeed Retail Point of Sale:

Hyperpsace Cloud also includes numerous data import tools and custom reports. Check back regularly. We are adding new integrations every month. Contact us today to schedule a demonstration of Hyperspace Cloud.