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Hyperspace Product Information Management (PIM)

PIM for Lightspeed, PIM for Amazon

Hyperspace Product Information Management (PIM) provides a single place to collect, manage, and enrich your product information, create a product catalog, and distribute it to various channels. Hyperspace PIM excels at pushing the boundaries of data management integration making it easier and faster to create and deliver compelling product experiences.



Hyperspace PIM establishes one source of truth for product information. It provides a scalable platform that enables you to manage 1,000 or 1 million+ products. It streamlines the onboarding process for suppliers and data providers by extracting and organizing your product data. Hyperspace is designed to be fully-automated with logic and rules to eliminate manual tasks. The dashboard visually displays all information, including real-time updates on all processes syncing from one source to the other.



This improves the quality and consistency of product data across all channels delivering a compelling product experience to drive great customer experiences. 

Larger organizations work with thousands of products and product combinations. 1 product can come in hundreds of styles, colors and sizes with unlimited variations.  Hyperspace PIM provides a single interface in which to manage all product data and automate the distribution of product data to your channels. This includes your eCommerce platform, Point of Sale, ERP, marketplace, Warehouse Management platform and more.

Hyperspace is integrated with numerous out of the box source and endpoint integrations. Contact Hyperspace to see if your specific needs are already in production or development. 

Here are a few business cases where you could use Hyperspace PIM to improve your operations:

  • All products (data and images) created in Amazon can create new products in your Point of Sale.
  • All products (data and images) created in eBay can create new products in your Point of Sale.
  • All products (data and images) created in ChannelAdvisor can create new products in your Point of Sale.
  • All products (data and images) created in TCG Player can create new products in your Point of Sale.

In addition, Hyperspace PIM can be used with any of our existing integrations (e.g. Amazon integration) to sync inventory changes and download sales.  

For example, you could use Hyperspace PIM to sync all products from Amazon to your Point of Sale and then sync the new product, stock changes, sales and more to WooCommerce, Shopify, Amazon and eBay. 

Hyperspace PIM can pull data from numerous sources and update product data to one more endpoints.  It enables you to automate data entry operations and provide a seamless product experience across your channels.

Contact Hyperspace today to discuss your integration needs and how Hyperspace PIM can help your company.