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Lightspeed integration for Request Tracker

Best Practical Request Tracker ( is an open-source enterprise grade ticketing system that allows you to create custom workflows and custom fields to build a flexible platform to keep track of necessary data assets. 

Lightspeed Retail is an all-in-one point of sale solution. Lightspeed is the leading provider of cloud-based POS software powering over 50,000 businesses world-wide.

Hyperspace integrates Lightspeed Retail Point of Sale with Request Tracker. This integration can be used in conjunction with the Hyperspace Apple DEP integration. The Hyperspace Request Tracker Integration will sync data in Lightspeed Retail Point of Sale to the Request Tracker platform.



The integration is complemented by a custom web application that allows employees to select additional asset details for Special Orders inside Lightspeed Retail Point of Sale.  The web application lists important selectable items that are required to properly feed the asset to Request Tracker.

Contact Hyperspace today to set-up a demonstration to preview Lightspeed Retail integration for Request Tracker asset management.