Lightspeed Retail Apps

From Hyperspace Creative, Last Updated

Custom Modules or Plugins used to extend the existing capabilities of Lightspeed Retail Point of Sale.

Hyperspace Creative builds custom apps that can be used to complement the existing functionality of LightSpeed Retail Point of Sale. LightSpeed Retail is a closed-source system. You cannot modify the inline functionality of the application itself, but you can extract data and update data.

Here are some examples of a few apps: 

  • A customer-facing display that allows customers to scan un-marked, close-out products using a bar code scanner to see the current discounted price.
  • A shipping quote solution that enables cashiers to quickly find shipping rates for phone orders.
  • An advanced customer sales history lookup that contains all prior sales history from your old Point of Sale and Lightspeed Retail. 

We can build apps to make processes more efficient or even automated. Contact us today to talk about your new vision.