Lightspeed Retail Web Store Integration

From Hyperspace Creative, Last Updated

Web Store Integration uses an API to  enable both the web store and the point of sale to communicate.

Lightspeed Retail web store integration uses the Lightspeed API through Hyperspace to sync data between Lightspeed Retail Point of Sale and the ecommerce platform you use.  It eliminates excessive double-data entry and keeps both systems in sync. New products (new product data) entered into Lightspeed Retail Point of Sale are pushed up to the web store. Changes to existing products (product data) such as product title, price, stock level, weight, dimensions, attributes, tags, categories, descriptions and manufacturer are also updated to the web store.  You can even create matrix products with attributes (e.g. size and color) and these will update as well. All products are created in Lightspeed Point of Sale first and then pushed up to the web store.  The Point of Sale serves as the master system of record.

Choosing whether to manage your web categories and web descriptions in the Point of Sale or the web store is a setting in the Hyperspace platform.

Web orders created on the web store will also download to Lightspeed Retail Point of Sale, which will adjust the stock levels accordingly and also ensure that sales totals and customer order history is in 1 place.  Web store integration also includes integration to ShipStation through the Hyperspace platform to automate shipping and fulfillment tasks.