Lightspeed Retail Product Import

From Hyperspace Creative, Last Updated

An advanced import tool for importing new products and purchase orders into LightSpeed Retail Point of Sale.

The Product Import Tool for Lightspeed Retail Point of Sale enables you to create a CSV of new products and use the import tool to automatically create new products in Lightspeed Retail Point of Sale.  The first step is to populate your products into the CSV format supplied here. Using the Data Import function in Hyperspace, you are able to import the CSV file and auto-create new products, matrix products and purchase orders.

The Seasonal Product Import allows you to create new products and combined purchase orders by vendor and store location all in 1 single import. 


Seasonal Format CSV Import Checklist:

1. Check that the 'typeproduct' field is correctly labeled for all of your products.

2. Be sure that the words size and color exist in the size/color fields for matrix products

3. Check to make sure that there are no blank lines in-between products.

4. Make sure that all columns are present. Do not delete any of the columns in the sample format.

5. Be sure that the Store Name you include in the store: fields match the one in your Lightspeed Retail Point of Sale. This is especially important if you are creating Purchase Orders for each location.

6. Add the category, manufacturer and vendors that exist in your CSV import to Lightspeed Retail Point of Sale before importing the CSV. 

7. Be sure to run the LightSpeed Sync (Partial) in Hyperspace before importing the CSV.

8. Do not use forward slashes / for your categories.

9. Check to make sure that there is 1 matrix product for every group of child products.

10. Be sure to fill out any columns that are related to tax.