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Magento Integration

Magento Commerce is the leading e-commerce platform used for online stores. It is a high-performance, scalable solution with powerful out of the box features. In 2016, Magento 2 was released. It is a complete re-envisioning of the platform updating with the latest development practices as a foundation for future online growth.

Hyperspace provides advanced integrations for both Magento 1 and Magento 2.

A Hyperspace/Magento integration will sync data between Lightspeed Retail Point of Sale and Magento Commerce with added support for multi-sync by store location. Price and inventory changes update regularly to keep the in-store and online store in sync.

New products and product images entered in Lightspeed Retail Point of Sale are synced up to Magento 2. Changes to existing product fields in Lightspeed Retail such as product name, price, stock level, weight, dimensions, attributes, tags, categories, descriptions, manufacturer, custom fields and more are updated as well. Hyperspace also offers tools to connect existing products in Magento to existing products in Lightspeed Retail for clients that already have a live store online.

Online orders from purchases in Magento will automatically download to Lightspeed Retail Point of Sale to ensure that you never oversell your inventory. A Hyperspace/Magento integration will attach the web order to your Lightspeed Retail customer sales history and create a new customer account if it doesn’t exist already.

Magento integration includes ShipStation integration. Both in-store orders, such as phone orders, and online web orders can be sent to ShipStation to eliminate data entry tasks and automate shipping and fulfillment operations.

If you’re a business that sells products with different options that should be selectable online, such as color and size, a Hyperspace/Magento Integration supports matrix products with attributes. If you create a shoe in Lightspeed Retail Point of Sale that comes in different colors and sizes, your Hyperspace/Magento integration can create these as a single product online with selectable options through Magento Configurable/Simple Product.

Magento integration includes multi-store inventory management. Lightspeed Retail Point of Sale has the ability to set-up many different store locations and warehouses. Each location in Lightspeed Retail can have its own inventory. In turn, you can set up your point of sale locations in Magento and sync inventory to each location accordingly. You can choose to exclude a specific store’s inventory from appearing online or you can display each store’s inventory on your product pages for customers to see. Customers can select to purchase from your site using store pickup and web orders can be routed to the selected store.

A Hyperspace/Magento integration also supports Lightspeed Retail Gift Cards. Lightspeed Retail's gift card module enables you to sell gift cards to your customers. Gift cards that are issued from Lightspeed Retail Point of Sale can be used by customers to make purchases on your Magento store checkout page.

Optional add-on modules such as Amazon and eBay integration can be activated as well.