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Momentis ERP Integration

Momentis ERP is an exceptional cloud ERP solution for apparel/fashion businesses.

It is a complete ERP solution that offers product lifecycle management, supply chain management, warehouse management and financials in one solution. Momentis ERP enables you to manage numerous brands inside one platform.

Hyperspace provides a solution to seamlessly connect Lightspeed to your Momentis ERP platform. This means styles in Momentis automatically sync to your Lightspeed, along with changes to images, prices, titles, UPC, SKU, category, attributes and more. Styles in Momentis will automatically create item matrix products in Lightspeed with color and size variants. This makes it easy to connect both Momentis and Lightspeed to one or more e-commerce stores, such as Shopify, for each brand.

Distribution orders, purchase orders and store transfers in Momentis are supported in the Hyperspace integration to ensure that your Lightspeed store inventory is always up to date.

Hyperspace will sync inventory to your Momentis distribution center to ensure that the inventory in Momentis stays current with inventory changes in Lightspeed.



Hyperspace integration for Lightspeed and Momentis is the best choice for fashion retailers that are growing and expanding in both retail and wholesale. Our team has years of experience working with both Lightspeed and Momentis ERP.

Our integrations are used by hundreds of businesses. A Momentis integration is both flexible and customizable to meet the requirements of your fashion business. Contact Hyperspace today to schedule a demonstration and receive a detailed Lightspeed/Momentis integration summary that you can use to plan your integration.