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NetSuite ERP for Shopify

Hyperspace offers the most advanced NetSuite ERP Connector for Shopify available. It is designed for serious retailers that wish to create an eCommerce experience that excels above all others. The Shopify x NetSuite ERP connector is designed for retail businesses looking to maximize their potential and provide a unique and exceptional experience for their online shoppers.

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Hyperspace has 15+ years of experience building enterprise connectors for Shopify and Shopify Plus. We support retailers with 1 store and retailers with over 100 stores based in multiple countries.

The Hyperspace Shopify x NetSuite ERP Connector does all of the functions you would normally expect from a NetSuite eCommerce connector such as:

  • Product sync from NetSuite ERP to Shopify
  • Stock sync from NetSuite ERP to Shopify
  • Online order sync from Shopify to NetSuite ERP
  • Fulfillment, Invoice, and Customer Deposit Creation in NetSuite ERP
  • Automated Refunds
  • Cancellations


The Hyperspace Connector sets itself apart by offering:

  • Advanced Product Metadata mapping
  • Advanced Store Pickup solutions for fulfillment by store
  • Advanced Store Pickup solutions for your Shopify theme
  • Store Rejection automation
  • 3PL, WMS and Point of Sale inventory integration
  • Fulfillment by store tools to eliminate the need for employees to access NetSuite ERP
  • Flexible settings so you can easily modify the connector and make changes in real-time.
  • Enterprise configurations so you can easily sync stock and offer store pickup on Shopify for retailers with 25, 50, 100+ stores.


Combining NetSuite ERP with Shopify eCommerce provides businesses with the perfect combination of solutions to run their business effectively. Hyperspace provides a high-performance connector that is used by businesses both large and small that use NetSuite ERP and Shopify.