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Outdoor / FFL Dealer Strategies

Since 2008 Hyperspace has worked with numerous firearm stores to help them automate their operations and implement strategies to improve sales. 

Point of Sale

Many of our clients are still using antiquated Point of Sale systems. These systems require extensive support and still run on older computers or servers that require even more support. Hyperspace is implementing cloud-based Point of Sale platforms with advanced functions. A cloud-based Point of Sale enables you to see everything going on in your store from work, home or even from your mobile phone.

These Point of Sale platforms support all of the usual tasks you would expect from a Point of Sale with added features specific for the firearms industry. Here are just a few of the modules Hyperspace activates for our own clients:

Consignment Module

Adding consignment to your Point of Sale enables retailers to seamlessly manage previously owned merchandise for consignment or trade-in.  

  1. The Consignment Module can provide your consignment sellers with a specific product template. Sellers can add five, 500 or 5,000 products to the template. There is no limit. You can easily load this template into your Point of Sale with one click. This creates all of the consignment products in the Point of Sale, including specifics like serial number, caliber and more. You control which products are posted for sale and when. It eliminates the need to spend hours on data entry. You can focus on building the consignment part of your business.
  2. The Consignment Module provides a secure portal that allows your sellers to see when their products are posted for sale and when they have sold. There is no need to answer phone calls or emails from sellers wondering if their products were sold.
  3. The Consignment Module provides advanced tools to manage sellers, their commissions percentages and payouts.

Amazon and eBay Integration

Our firearms clients sell a lot of products on Amazon and eBay. This includes accessories, secure lockboxes, holsters and more.   

amazon and eBay integration

It is simple and easy when you can do it all from your Point of Sale with one click. Every product you add to your Point of Sale can be selected to sell on Amazon and eBay. You can even control pricing for Amazon and eBay inside the Point of Sale. 

Selecting an item to sell on Amazon or eBay automatically creates the entire listing for you and syncs all stock. When you run out of stock, the listing goes away. When you get more inventory back in stock, the listing is automatically active again.

Every sale from Amazon and eBay appears right inside your Point of Sale as if it were purchased in the store. Your inventory is always completely in sync.

Web Store / Online Store

Hyperspace can assist in the design and development of your webstore. We have an extensive gallery of design work we can share.  We also have tools to connect to your existing web store.

Just like Amazon and eBay, you choose exactly which products sync from your Point of Sale to your online web store.  You don’t even need to login to manage your webstore. By selecting the product to sell online inside your Point of Sale, the product lists automatically online. 

All stock from your Point of Sale syncs to your webstore. All sales from your web store appear inside your Point of Sale as if the customer purchased the product right inside your physical store. Everything is seamless. 

Hyperspace even tailors the checkout page to show FFL dealers that are close to a customer’s address for shipping. 

With everything we’ve outlined, you have the power with Hyperspace to sync any consignment product or products from your own inventory to Amazon, eBay and your web store. You are in control over all pricing and which products sync for sale online.  The beauty of it all is that you can manage it all from one Point of Sale system.

Vendor Integration    

The final strategy we are implementing into this entire solution is Vendor Integration. Vendor integration enables you to merge your in-store stock with your vendor stock.

For example, a lot of firearms dealers work with the RSR group. The RSR Group has a large warehouse stocked full of parts and accessories. Hyperspace can feed that data into your workflow. Products with images are created automatically inside your Point of Sale. But the best part is integrating the stock at RSR’s Warehouse into your workflow.

With all of the modules above, you are sending your own inventory and consignment products to Amazon, eBay and your online store. With Vendor integration, you are sending your vendors stock too. Your own available inventory is merged with the inventory in your vendor’s warehouse. Amazon, eBay and your online store show more products and more stock all the time. This enables you to sell more products online that you don’t carry in your store. 

This entire solution has capabilities to automate shipping tasks and dropship requests. For a complete demonstration contact Hyperspace at 818-957-8500.