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Phone Order Add-On

The Phone Order application for Lightspeed is accessible directly from the Sales screen in Lightspeed. It is designed to assist employees who are doing sales over the phone. 

It enables employees to do the following:

  1. Automatically correct shipping addresses by comparing them to the USPS Address Matching System, an up-to-date database that verifies valid mailing addresses in the United States. Address verification will improve the timely delivery of your shipments and reduce the number of returned shipments.
  2. Select if the billing address should be used as the shipping address. 
  3. View and select different shipping methods based on shipping carriers that were activated in ShipStation.

The customer address, shipping methods, and shipping costs are updated to the sale in Lightspeed before the payment is processed.

The entire solution requires a ShipStation account to display shipping methods and a account to verify addresses against the USPS database.

The Phone Order Application also supports sending all phone orders to ShipStation for fulfillment. All customer data, product data, payment data, BIN number details, and more feed over to ShipStation.



What is ShipStation?

ShipStation prints custom packing slips, shipping labels and generates and sends the tracking email to your customer. All you have to do is stick the label on the packages and get them out for shipment.  It provides the following benefits and more:

  • Import orders from all your selling channels into a single platform
  • Create shipping labels and ship with 30+ carriers
  • Take advantage of incredible USPS and FedEx discounts
  • Sync order status and tracking details with your store and marketplaces
  • Promote your brand on notification emails, shipping documentation, and more