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Reports for Lightspeed

Reports for Lightspeed banner

Hyperspace includes the Reports module with all of our integrations. For example, if you use our Shopify integration, the Reports module is included at no cost. 

The Reports module can be purchased separately if you do not use any of our existing integrations.

Here are a few features we offer with this module.

  1. Products Marked To Sell On Amazon    
  2. Products Marked To Sell On eBay    
  3. Product Detail Export    
  4. Product Detail Export V.2    
  5. Open To Buy Report V.1    
  6. Open To Buy Report V.2    
  7. Sales Order Detail Report 1.0    
  8. Product Order Total By Location    
  9. Product List With Images    
  10. Customer Export with Custom Fields
Recent updates
Hyperspace is currently updating this page with new information and video demonstrations. If you are interested in seeing a live demonstration, please contact the Hyperspace team at 818.957.8500 or email us at: Thank you for visiting.