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Sales Forms

Hyperspace can develop inline forms that enable your employees to input additional data when creating sales orders or work orders in Lightspeed Retail. These forms are customized and designed to suit your business requirements.

The form is opened with the push of a button in Lightspeed Retail and will appear in a new browser window. The employee will enter additional data into the form and automatically return back to the sale to take a payment or deposit from the customer.

For example, if you sell prescription glasses and need to enter the RX prescription details, Hyperspace can create an RX Prescription button inside Lightspeed Retail.

The RX Prescription form will open and enable the employee to enter all the information or take a picture if using Lightspeed Retail on a tablet.

You must use the Retail Manager mode in Lightspeed Retail if using their Application on a tablet.

Once the employee has entered all the prescription details, they will be returned back to the sale in Lightspeed Retail to complete the sale or work order. Hyperspace can provide custom development services to push RX prescription details to a report, export or order management solution.