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Salesforce Integration

Salesforce is the world's leading CRM software and enterprise cloud ecosystem. Salesforce is designed to help businesses grow into more streamlined, effective and efficient organizations across their sales, service and marketing operations.


"We chose LightSpeed because it is the best POS SAAS we could find. We chose Salesforce because there is no better CRM in the world. HyperSpace came into play, seamlessly connecting our critical systems into one meaningful solution."



Hyperspace provides a seamless integration to connect Lightspeed to Salesforce Classic or Salesforce Lightning. Hyperspace is a robust integration management solution that enables you to visualize your data integrations and automate integration processes. Hyperspace integration is both flexible and customizable. The list below details the core functionality, but it can be modified to suit your business requirements.

Customer Data Synchronization: Lightspeed >< Salesforce

New customer accounts created in Lightspeed will be synced to Salesforce. Customer accounts created in Salesforce are also created in Lightspeed. Updates done in one system will update in the other. For example, if you change a phone number in one system, it will update in the other system.

Sales Data Synchronization Detail:  Lightspeed > Salesforce

All sales data will be sent from Lightspeed to Salesforce. This includes product information and payment information (cash, credit card, gift card). The integration also supports sending employee information attached to the sales order. You can update Salesforce with the employee that helped the customer in the store (such as a stylist) as well as the cashier that processed the transaction at the register. All sales data in Lightspeed is synced to Salesforce.

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