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SellerActive + Hyperspace Integration

Easily create listings on eBay, Amazon, WallMart, BigCommerce and more from inside Lightspeed. Sync inventory and online orders to ensure that your in-store operations stay perfectly in sync with your online marketplaces.

SellerActive + Hyperspace starting at $195 / month
No setup fee. No long-term contracts.

Hyperspace offers a seamless connection between Lightspeed and SellerActive. It is entirely automated and enables you to create products in Lightspeed (title, images, UPC, SKU, descriptions, weight…) and select which products sync to the various online marketplaces.  

In Lightspeed, you control which products create listings online and the pricing for each online channel. For example, you can create a product in Lightspeed, mark it to list on eBay and even control the pricing on eBay from within Lightspeed. All changes to product data and product images in Lightspeed update your online marketplaces.

If you are using SellerActive to integrate with Amazon, you can even use their repricing features.  Hyperspace will create the new listing in SellerActive using the price listed in Lightspeed. Future updates will not overwrite the pricing on future syncs allowing you to use the SellerActive repricing feature.

You can enable SellerActive’s lighting-fast, optimized repricing capabilities to empower you to gain a competitive advantage and capture more Buy Boxes. SellerActive repricing methods help sellers not only capture more Buy Boxes, but maximize margins and gain better visibility into your competition.

All inventory changes that occur in Lightspeed will sync and update your online channels. In a Point of Sale environment inventory can change due to sales, returns, exchanges, stock adjustments, receiving purchase orders, damaged goods, special orders and more. All of the stock fluctuations in Lightspeed will automatically sync to your online marketplaces.


Product checked "Sell on Web" is sent to Seller Active via Hyperspace Cloud.

All online sales orders sync automatically back to Lightspeed. Online orders will automatically download to Lightspeed to ensure that you never oversell your inventory. The Hyperspace / SellerActive integration will attach the web order to your Lightspeed customer sales history and create a new customer account if it doesn’t exist already.  You can even run sales reports in Lightspeed based on orders received by SellerActive. If you want to review your eBay orders for a specific date range and export them to a .csv, the All Transactions Report will support that from inside Lightspeed .


Product and all product data from Lightspeed is now available for listing in Seller Active

Hyperspace / SellerActive integration includes ShipStation integration. Both in-store orders completed in Lightspeed (e.g. phone orders) and online web orders can be sent to ShipStation to eliminate data entry tasks and automate shipping and fulfillment operations.