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Shopify and Shopify Plus Integration

Shopify Integration for Lightspeed Retail

Shopify is a complete e-commerce solution that allows you to set up an online store to sell your goods. Over 600,000 merchants trust in Shopify for online e-commerce. Hyperspace connects online stores to Lightspeed Retail Point of Sale. It offers integrations for Shopify and Shopify Plus.

Hyperspace offers three types of Shopify integrations for Lightspeed Retail:
Shopify Premium: Integration to connect Lightspeed Retail to one Shopify eCommerce site.  Automate the syncing of products, sales, customers and more. You can easily sync stock and sales from many different store locations or warehouses in Lightspeed Retail to Shopify.  

Shopify Multi-Site: Integration to connect Lightspeed Retail to several different Shopify domains or several regional storefronts in one Shopify Plus account.  You can easily connect Lightspeed Retail to many Shopify sites, including a Wholesale site. You can connect Lightspeed Retail to several Shopify websites that are brand-focused or create different websites in different countries.

Shopify Franchise: Integration to connect more than one Lightspeed Retail account to Shopify. If you’re a company that has different franchises it is likely that each one uses their own Lightspeed Retail account. Most franchises do not want to share their customer and sales data with other franchises.  Hyperspace can connect different Lightspeed Retail accounts into 1 central Shopify site.

Hyperspace is designed to automate tasks and enable you to do everything in Lightspeed Retail. There is no need to log into two different systems to manage your Shopify connection. A Hyperspace/Shopify integration will sync data between Lightspeed Retail Point of Sale and Shopify. Price and inventory changes update regularly to keep the in-store and online store in sync.

New products and product images entered in Lightspeed Retail Point of Sale will sync up to Shopify instantly. Changes to existing product fields in Lightspeed Retail such as product title, price, stock level, weight, dimensions, attributes, tags, categories, descriptions, brand, custom fields and more are updated as well.

Online orders in Shopify will automatically download to Lightspeed Retail Point of Sale to ensure that you never oversell your inventory. Refunds in Shopify will automatically initiate an automatic refund in Lightspeed Retail. The Hyperspace/Shopify integration will create a new customer account in Lightspeed Retail when syncing the order and attach all online sales orders and online refunds to each customer’s account. 


Shopify integration includes optional ShipStation integration. Both in-store phone orders and online orders can be sent to ShipStation to eliminate data entry tasks and automate shipping and fulfillment operations. ShipStation integration is included at no additional charge and automates tasks such as creating shipping labels, generating custom packing slips and auto-emailing shipping tracking links to customers.

If you’re a business that sells products with selectable options, such as color and size, the Hyperspace/Shopify integration supports matrix products with attributes (variants). For example, If you create a shoe in Lightspeed Retail Point of Sale that comes in different colors and sizes, the Hyperspace/Shopify integration will create these as a single product online with selectable drop-down options in Shopify. Hyperspace also includes several advanced reports and data import tools that are included at no additional cost.

The Hyperspace/Shopify integration includes numerous features and custom settings to enable you to tailor the integration to suit your business.

Recent updates
January 15th 2020 Updates:

SPLIT-ORDER ROUTING: Hyperspace now supports split order routing for online orders with multiple products on the order. If an order can only be fulfilled by multiple stores, Hyperspace will split the online order into parts and automatically route each part to the correct store for fulfillment. This enables online orders to be fulfilled correctly even if the stock is only available at multiple stores.

VENDOR-STOCK INTEGRATION: Hyperspace now supports the ability to merge your vendor’s stock with your own Point of Sale stock. If your vendor can provide you with a feed of their current inventory levels, Hyperspace can merge their stock with the stock levels in your store. This enables your Shopify site to show more items online and in-stock even if you don’t have available stock in the store.