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Shopify and Shopify Plus Integration

Shopify Integration for Point of Sale - Shopify Connector for Lightspeed

Hyperspace does everything you would expect from an eCommerce integration. Product listings are automatically created online, sales download and all stock changes are synced between your in-store and online operations.The video below references Lightspeed as the Point of Sale, but Hyperspace also syncs with Heartland Retail Point of Sale (formerly Springboard Retail) and Vend Point of Sale. Hyperspace offers integrations for both Shopify and Shopify Plus.

Clients that use Hyperspace expect more from their Shopify eCommerce connector. 

  1. Advanced multi-store capabilities
  2. Split Order handing
  3. Automated returns
  4. Flexible data mapping tools
  5. Order routing by the customer’s address
  6. Order routing by location with the most stock
  7. Warehouse prioritization
  8. Franchise integrations
  9. Vendor stock integrations for drop-ship capabilities

Click on the video below to see a complete demonstration with retail businesses using Shopify or contact Hyperspace at 818-957-8500 to preview a demonstration with one of our team members.