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Shopify Store Pickup for Enterprise Retail

Shopify Enterprise BOPIS Connector, Shopify Click and Collect, Shopify Store Pickup

Hyperspace Introduces Shopify Integration with BOPIS for Retailers with 20+ Stores

Buy online, pickup in the store or BOPIS has become the latest retail trend, and who can blame consumers? Order from the comfort of your computer or phone without the hassle of walking around a store, jostling with other customers doing the same. Skip the pricy shipping fees (and the wait) by driving to the closest brick and mortar location. 

Retailers who have both online and physical stores are already well aware that BOPIS is the preferred choice for nearly 30 percent of their online shoppers. Sure, its convenience is enticing, but customers often pick up more than their online order while they’re in the store – some 80 percent of the time. 

Savvy retailers with an eye toward boosting their online and in-store sales using Shopify know its strengths for selling online: no need to deal with hassles related to web hosting and site updates. Shopify also offers its own store pickup solution, making it a solid solution for a smaller retailer with a handful of stores.

But what if you have 25 or 50 or 100 stores?

Shopify’s own Store Pickup Solution supports BOPIS for a specific number of stores. But adding more stores, SKUs and plug-ins to Shopify often slows site speed and negatively impacts performance.

We’ve solved that performance problem and brought out the best in Shopify with the Hyperspace Shopify Connector for Enterprise Retailers. Here’s what you get:

  • There’s no maximum number of stores or warehouses that can fulfill stock to Shopify.
  • There’s no limit on the number of stores you can enable for store pickup.
  • You can activate complex order-routing logic based on priority, stock availability or geographic proximity to your customer’s address.
  • Customers ordering through Shopify can check for product availability and see if the store closest to them has stock.
  • Store managers receive automatic email notifications when they receive an online order to fulfill.
  • All in-store stock syncs with online store stock. Connect your Point of Sale or ERP to our Shopify Enterprise connector. 
  • Automatic refunds sync when a sale is refunded in the store.
  • Integrate vendor stock and on-order stock to Shopify to display more stock online all the time. 


With any enterprise BOPIS solution you also need to consider automation. For a retailer with a few stores, missing stock can lead to a few headaches. But a larger retailer with multiple locations requires automation tools that will reroute orders if needed. Our solution has built-in automation tools to support medium and enterprise retailers. 

hyperspace shopify connector

The Hyperspace Shopify Enterprise Connector can be implemented into a new Shopify site as well as existing Shopify production sites. It contains features to ensure that integration is easy and risk-free when implemented into your existing online and physical stores. 

It is the ultimate enterprise Omnichannel connector for Shopify retailers that are looking to grow and expand. Contact us today to schedule a demonstration to view live enterprise retailers using Hyperspace.