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NetSuite Expert Development Services

If you’re looking to create the perfect integration, SuiteScript customization or web application for NetSuite ERP we can help.

Shopify Design / Development

Hyperspace is a full-service agency that helps clients elevate their brand and create emotional connections with their customers.

Work World Working Smarter Not Harder

Work World connects NetSuite ERP, Heartland Retail Point of Sale and Shopify into 1 seamless solution

Foot Solutions’ e-commerce choices put franchisees on the right foot

By connecting their Point of Sale data to Shopify, franchisees can now fully and seamlessly pool their inventory and make it available to customers regardless of location.

NetSuite ERP for Shopify

Hyperspace offers the most advanced NetSuite ERP Connector for Shopify available. It is designed for serious retailers that wish to create an eCommerce experience that excels above all others.

VEND E-Invoice App

This application is designed to allow retailers to comply with new regulations that require the use of electronic invoices. When sales are completed in VEND Point of Sale, the specific format for the E-Invoice will be automatically emailed to the customer on the sale.

CIN7 Connector for Lightspeed

Combine Lightspeed and CIN7 together to boost inventory management throughout your operations.

Bottle Deposits for VEND

The Bottle Deposits App for VEND Point of Sale provides retailers with a solution to automate adding refundable deposits to a sale. It enables retailers to log refundable deposits and account for their handling of bottles and cans.

Invoiced Connector for Heartland Retail

Invoiced helps companies get paid faster, saves time on collections and provides a better customer experience overall. Hyperspace enables you to seamlessly connect Invoiced with Heartland Retail Point of Sale.

YOTPO Connector for Heartland Retail

YOTPO provides an integrated solution to enable marketers to gather, curate, manage and respond to all kinds of user content from just a single platform. Hyperspace offers an integrated connector to enable retailers to implement omnichannel loyalty through their business.

Heartland Retail Franchise Connector for Shopify

The Heartland Retail Franchise Connector for Shopify enables companies with franchisees to easily create 1 online experience.

Shopify Store Pickup for Enterprise Retail

Hyperspace introduces Shopify Integration with BOPIS for Retailers with 20+ Stores