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Lightspeed is a leading provider of cloud-based POS software based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Lightspeed Retail is used by over 50,000 businesses in 100 countries and processes $20 billion in transactions annually.


Lightspeed Retail Point of Sale includes a very powerful API and other custom features that enable the platform to support 3rd party integrations and add-ons.  It is used by businesses with less than a few stores and businesses with over 100 stores. 


In October 2017, Lightspeed raised $160 million in a new round of venture-capital funding, one of the biggest investments for a Canadian startup. 


Hyperspace has been working with Lightspeed Retail for over a decade and supports Lightspeed Retail clients in numerous countries all over the world.



Magento Integration for Lightspeed Retail

Hyperspace provides advanced integrations for both Magento 1 and Magento 2.

Spree Commerce Integration for Lightspeed Retail

Sync products, images, inventory, orders and customers between Spree Commerce and your Lightspeed Retail Point of Sale. Hyperspace enables you to keep the in-store and online store in sync. 

ShipStation Integration for Lightspeed Retail

ShipStation is a web-based, multi-carrier shipping solution for retailers. Designed to streamline the fulfillment process. ShipStation prints custom packing slips, shipping labels and generates emails.

Circlespace: Apple+Android App for Retail

Circlespace provides your business with a branded App (Apple & Android) registered under your business name that appears in the Apple and Android App Store.

Lightspeed Integration for Apple Device Enrollment

The Hyperspace Apple Device Enrollment Solution enables you to streamline the reporting and registration process for your Apple products by integrating to your Lightspeed Point of Sale.

Business Information Exports for Lightspeed

The Hyperspace BIM (Business Information Management) module exports critical analytics data in Lightspeed Retail to an alternate 3rd party solution or system.

Custom Price Stickers for Lightspeed Retail

The Hyperspace Custom Price Sticker Application is a web-based application for Lightspeed Retail that provides an advanced user interface to print custom barcode stickers in any format.

Weight Scale Integration for Lightspeed Retail

Grocers can easily weigh bulk items, such as fruits and vegetables, through our weight scale application for

Phone Order Add-On for Lightspeed Retail

The Phone Order application for Lightspeed is accessible directly from the Sales screen in Lightspeed Retail Point of Sale.

Purchase Order Universal for Lightspeed

Purchase Order Universal is our most adventurous add-on to date for Lightspeed Retail. It provides an advanced solution to create and receive purchase orders.

Customer/Sales Lookup

This application is designed for organizations that are looking to create a branded application that enables employees to lookup data in one or more 3rd party systems.

Sales Forms

Hyperspace can develop inline forms that enable your employees to input additional data when creating sales orders or work orders in Lightspeed Retail.