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YOTPO Connector for Heartland Retail

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YOTPO provides an integrated solution to enable marketers to gather, curate, manage and respond to all kinds of user content from just a single platform. Hyperspace offers an integrated connector to enable retailers to implement omnichannel loyalty through their business.

The Hyperspace Yotpo Connector will enable you to do the following:

  • Gain points for purchasing in-store. You can selectively choose to include or exclude specific orders in Heartland Retail from earning points. For example, if you have an outside 3rd party eCommerce solution that creates sales in Heartland Retail, you can exclude these from earning points if Yotpo is already connected to it. This will ensure that double points are not earned for the same sale.

  • Redeem existing points to get discounts on a sale generated in the Point of Sale.

  • Add new customers to the loyalty program directly from the Point of Sale.

  • The Hyperspace connector will automatically create discount coupons to use in the store when an offer is redeemed for a specific customer.

Earning Points for in-Store Sales and Adjusting Points for Returns

The Hyperspace YOTPO Connector will enable customers to earn loyalty points in YOTPO for sales completed in Heartland Retail. Completed orders and completed refunds in Heartland will be sent (via API) to YOTPO to increase or decrease the balance of points on a customer’s loyalty account. This will ensure that points are added and removed due to in-store sales and returns.

If you are using an eCommerce integration that syncs online sales and online returns back to Heartland Retail, these transactions can be included (or excluded if you already have Yotpo integrated into your eCommerce platform). 

Note: If you are using the Hyperspace connector for eCommerce integration (Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify) or a direct eCommerce connector provided by YOTPO, Hyperspace will exclude these sales and returns from adding or removing loyalty points when they sync into the Point of Sale. This will ensure that customers are not earning double points for online stores that sync to the Point of Sale. 

Checking the Balance

The Hyperspace YOTPO Connector will enable employees to lookup an existing customer's loyalty point balance, tier level and check available offers directly from the sales screen in the Point of Sale. 

Using Loyalty Offers in-Store

The Hyperspace YOTPO Connector will sync offers created in Yotpo to the Point of Sale as coupons (discounts).  Based on the selected customer, the sales screen will show the loyalty point balance and available offers. The employee will select the offer and the sale will be updated accordingly.

The Hyperspace YOTPO Connector will automatically reduce the point balance on the customer’s account when the sale is completed and paid in full in Heartland Retail Point of Sale. If the sale is not completed, (e.g. credit card declined) there will be no adjustment to the point balance on the customer’s account.


Sales in Heartland Retail that initiated a decrease in the point balance will be tracked. If a return is initiated in Heartland Retail for one of those Sales, Hyperspace will increase the loyalty point balance of the customer.