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Advanced Sales Queue for VEND

Advanced Sales Queue for VEND

The Advanced Sales Queue application for VEND Point of Sale enables you to automatically prompt the Cashier when they add specific products to the sale in VEND. Messages will appear seamlessly inside the VEND sales screen. You can even pose questions to the Cashier with selectable options. Selections can also print directly to the Customer’s receipt.

Here are some examples of messages you could present to the Cashier:

“Does the customer want a 10% off online coupon code for the hat that goes with that Dress?”

“If this product is an open box, select the warranty that should print on the receipt.”

“Remind the customer that the blazer they are purchasing has matching shoes.”

“Would the customer like a free online gift with their purchase today?”

“What is the preferred delivery date for this customer’s purchase?”

The Advanced Sales Queue includes a user-friendly, drag-and-drop settings page that allows you to create unlimited prompts, questions and more for your Cashiers. You can easily create prompts and assign them to specific products. It helps guide interactions with customers and increase sales through promotions and cross selling.

For a complete demonstration of the Advanced Sales Queue application for VEND Point of Sale
contact your Hyperspace representative.