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Advanced Sales Queue for VEND

Advanced Sales Queue for VEND

The Advanced Sales Queue offers numerous apps that you can enable to enhance your VEND Point of Sale ‘sales interaction’ in VEND Point of Sale. 

The Advanced Sales Queue offers these 4 modules that you can enable and configure to suite your business requirements

  • Tax Enhancements
  • Product Price Enhancements
  • Employee Discount Enhancements
  • Advanced Cashier Notifications 


Tax Enhancements: The Tax Enhancements App enables you to increase, decrease or exempt taxes on sales by product (line item added to a sale) or by customer group (e.g. Veterans, Wholesale). 

Product Price Enhancements: The Product Price Enhancements App enables you to use Price Levels in VEND to create different prices for the same product at 2 different stores. For example, you can sell a Blue Simba Dress at your New York store for $225 and the same dress can be sold at the Los Angeles store for $295. 

Employee Discount Enhancements: The Employee Discount Enhancements App enables you to create rules for employees so you can offer discounts based on the cost of the product in VEND. You can set rules that use the Supply Cost or Average Cost in VEND. For example, John Smith can purchase products in VEND at 10% above the Average Cost.

Advanced Cashier Notifications: The Advanced Cashier Notifications App enables you to create notifications or questions that will appear on the sales screen when specific products are added to the sale. 

For example, when a product is added to the sale by the Cashier, VEND could have the sales screen say:

“Does the customer want a 10% off online coupon code for accessories for that outfit?”

“This product is an open box. Please select the warranty from the options below that should print on the customer’s receipt.”

“Remind the customer that the blazer they are purchasing has matching shoes.”

You can create an unlimited number of prompts for the cashier and even create more than one for the same product.