• UX/UI Design

How it looks and how well it works: same thing.

Creating applications that users find to be intuitive, simple, and enjoyable to use has been a Hyperspace driving force ever since our advent. Smart architecture. Smart experience. Smart design. It all needs to work beautifully. And at Hyperspace, it always does.

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We provide the following Design services:


Web UI/UX & Mobile UI/UX

For both web and mobile applications, the user’s experience must inform every development decision. To successfully accomplish your business objectives, it pays to think through your users’ objectives first.


UI/UX Design Audits

When the data shows your app isn’t engaging in the ways you had wanted, an objective review of the UI/UX in place can help highlight opportunities for improvement. For refreshingly candid (and polite) input and advice, count on the UI/UX experts at Hyperspace.


Design Strategy & Development

Prior to a single line of code being written, we begin to envision the product’s look and feel. Nailing a clean, smart, on-brand design is just that important. In fact, until we finalize the design with you, the only things we may build are prototypes.


Graphic Design

Programmers, engineers, software developers… we love all of them! So we always let them do what they do best: code and build. What do we not let them do? Design. We have proven experts for that, people who always know how to make us and our products look good, people who wouldn’t know Python if it came up and bit them.

Our Approach

Our UI/UX approach


Understand & Uncover

Bringing your detailed requirements, as well as your specific project and business objectives, into high relief… documenting them… and identifying potential obstacles and dormant opportunities… are how we kickstart every engagement.


Synthesize & Strategize

Answering the project challenges involves assembling all the possible solutions and vetting them, both with the internal team and with you. We then propose the software architecture that will best address enduring reliability and future growth, specifying how your solution will be designed, built, platformed, and hosted.


Design & Iterate

Wireframes and prototypes enable us to experiment, play with the possibilities, and iterate. You, the client, can see how users will interact with and experience the product prior to anything being built, providing valuable, timely input to the development team.


Develop & Test

Once the client has signed-off on the solution, we code both frontend and backend, and then subject our creation to a litany of QA, usability and flexibility tests. Our overall client satisfaction is a testament to both the integrity of our team and the integrity of our builds.


Rinse & Repeat

Sure, we take a few minutes to celebrate our client wins, but then it’s back to the grindstone, solving the next client’s problem and creating the next, great business solution.

Technologies & Integrations we trust

Our UI/UX Design Tech Stack

Adobe XD
Adobe XD
After Effects
After Effects
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Semantic UI
Semantic UI
New Relic
New Relic

Loyal. Trustworthy. Reliable.

Why choose HYPERSPACE as your UI/UX Design company?

Just as the client is at the helm of Hyperspace initiatives, we steer clients toward a user- and customer-centric view of product design. It’s how we build better business apps. Because we’re building on a proven process.


Years in Business.

We’re seasoned, yes, but we bring enthusiasm and entrepreneurial drive to every project.


Projects Completed.

Over 80% of our assignments come from previous clients and their referrals.

Safe & Sound

Enterprise-level stability & security.

Hyperspace maintains rigorous process controls and unparalleled uptimes.

Trusted by leading companies to build better & faster.

Hyperspace has enabled us to connect all key systems together as one seamless solution. We are positioned for growth, able to adapt to changing market demands and make continuous improvements to guest and employee experience, all without limits.


Chris Hildreth

Vice President, Work World America

Trusted by leading companies to build better & faster.

The Hyperspace Connector enabled us to include our franchisees’ stores into our web store without sacrificing their desire to keep their customer and sales data confidential while providing a superior experience for our customers.


Taylor Berry

Vice President of Operations, Foot Solutions

Trusted by leading companies to build better & faster.

We have worked with Hyperspace for years. Their connector is the most reliable in the industry. Our requirements are complex. We needed a connector that could deliver the uptime we needed on a day-to-day basis.


Matt Mauldin

VP, Ecommerce and Technology, Backwoods