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Age Verification Application (RACS Compliant)

The Age Verification Application is used by retail stores that sell liquor, tobacco and vape products. FDA (Food & Drug Administration) requires specific businesses to document the fact that retailers are checking ID and verifying the age of each customer.

The Hyperspace Age Verification App is designed specifically for Vend Point of Sale. It integrates seamlessly with your Vend Point of Sale enabling you to scan the Driver’s License during the sale. It operates with a variety of scanners and works on the web version of Vend and the app version for tablets.

The Age Verification app works and functions as a feature inside your Vend Point of Sale.

Utilizing proprietary integration technologies that are exclusive to Vend Point of Sale, the Age Verification App appears seamless and fast to your employees. There are no separate windows, embedded frames or custom Chrome extensions needed. The Age Verification app works and functions as a feature inside your Vend Point of Sale.

Advanced settings enable you to configure:

  1. Which Products and/or Brands require age verification.
  2. Activate Manager override codes.
  3. Control the exact quantity of specific products that customers are allowed to purchase.
  4. Log all transactions to a secure audit report.
  5. Customize messages and prompts that appear to your employees.
  6. Offers options to accept other forms of ID (e.g. Passport).

Hyperspace includes a secure administrator login to ensure that only authorized personnel can access and update override codes and settings.

The Age Verification App is certified for the Retail Access Control Standards (RACS) program and has been personally vetted by JUUL. Contact your Vend Point of Sale representative to activate the Age Verification App or contact Hyperspace at 818.957.8500.

Click on the video below to see a complete demonstration with retail businesses using the Age Verification App for Vend Point of Sale or contact Hyperspace at 818-957-8500 to preview a demonstration with one of our team members.