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Bottle Deposits for VEND

The Bottle Deposits App for VEND Point of Sale provides retailers with a solution to automate adding refundable deposits to a sale. It enables retailers to log refundable deposits and account for their handling of bottles and cans.

A refundable deposit helps ensure that used bottles and cans are saved and recycled. When a retailer buys beverages from a distributor, a deposit is paid (by the retailer) to the distributor for each container purchased. The consumer pays the deposit to the retailer when buying the beverage (usually .05 or .10 cents), and receives a refund when the empty container is returned to a supermarket or other redemption center.


When Cashiers sell products in VEND that qualify for a refund, the refund deposit is automatically added to the sale. It is also logged in the VEND app’s audit report.

Contact Hyperspace to see a complete demonstration with retail businesses using the Bottle Deposits App for Vend Point of Sale at 818-957-8500.