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Hyperspace Subscription Pricing

The Hyperspace Shopify App enables communication between your Shopify eCommerce site, Shopify Point of Sale and the Hyperspace Platform. The charges for the Hyperspace Shopify App are billed directly by Shopify on a monthly basis at 1 standard rate for all clients.


You will need a Hyperspace Platform account in order to use the Hyperspace Shopify App.  A Hyperspace Platform account, along with our Hyperspace team, provides benefits and services related to:



Please contact Hyperspace at 818.957.8500 so we can learn more about your business. Once we are able to understand your business and how we can help, Hyperspace will provide you with a detailed quote Hyperspace team services and the Hyperspace platform account. 


Contact Hyperspace today to connect with one of our retail specialists or click on the image below to get started with Shopify.