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The Driver’s License Scan App

The Driver’s License Scan App is designed for businesses that sell products to customers above a certain age requirement.

Circlespace: Apple+Android App for Retail

Circlespace provides your business with a branded App (Apple & Android) registered under your business name that appears in the Apple and Android App Store.

Data Warehouse

Hyperspace Data Warehouse can automatically pull data from more than one point of sale API for products, stock, sales, employees, purchase orders, customers and more.

Mobile App Development

Hyperspace is a one-stop-solution for all your businesses’ mobile app needs. We are full stack, U.S-based company focused on quality, speed and usability.

Business Information Exports

The Hyperspace BIM (Business Information Management) module exports critical analytics data to an alternate 3rd party solution or system.

Custom Price Stickers app

The Hyperspace Custom Price Sticker Application is a web-based application that provides an advanced user interface to print custom barcode stickers in any format.

Weight Scale Integration

Grocers can easily weigh bulk items, such as fruits and vegetables, and can be connected to an integrated weight scale with Bluetooth or USB connections or employees can manually enter the weight.

Phone Order Add-On

The Phone Order application is designed to assist employees who are doing sales over the phone. 

Purchase Order Universal

Purchase Order Universal is our most adventurous add-on to date. It provides an advanced solution to create and receive purchase orders.

Customer/Sales Lookup

This application is designed for organizations that are looking to create a branded application that enables employees to lookup data in one or more 3rd party systems.

Sales Forms

Hyperspace can develop inline forms that enable your employees to input additional data when creating sales orders or work orders.