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VEND E-Invoice App

This application is designed to allow retailers to comply with new regulations that require the use of electronic invoices. When sales are completed in VEND Point of Sale, the specific format for the E-Invoice will be automatically emailed to the customer on the sale.

When using E-Invoices it is important to add the customer to the sale and ensure that they have a valid email address in their VEND customer account.

The VEND E-Invoice app supports both formats to meet the new requirements (Simplified E-Invoice and E-Invoice). The latter E-Invoice is required for purchases that are equal to or exceed SAR (Saudi Riyal)1,000.

VEND E-Invoice App

This application will enable retailers to send E-Invoices to their customers digitally. 

Note: This application will modify VEND's own paper receipt. It creates a QR code on the VEND Paper Receipt that matches the one on the E-Invoice.  For additional details and pricing click here to view the FAQ.