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Weight Scale Integration

Grocers can easily weigh bulk items, such as fruits and vegetables, through our weight scale application for Lightspeed Retail. Cashiers click the "weigh product" button in Lightspeed Retail and a new tab opens where the employee can select the item to weigh.

Our weight scale application can be connected to an integrated weight scale with Bluetooth or USB connections or employees can manually enter the weight. Both standard (imperial) and metric are supported. 


Click on the video below to learn more about this solution. All videos are designed to provide a complete demonstration in under 180 seconds.


Cashiers can weigh different items on one sale or return to the sale in Lightspeed Retail at anytime. Once the cashier returns to the sale in Lightspeed Retail, all products and prices will be pre-populated into the sale. The sale will then be ready for payment.  

The weight scale application has the same color and styling as Lightspeed Retail. This provides a seamless end-user experience between Lightspeed Retail and the weight scale application for your employees. 

Important Note: The weight scale does not manage inventory. The fractional amount that is weighed appears on the line item on the sale. The fractional amount that is weighed also appears on the receipt in Lightspeed Retail that is given to the customer. The actual quantity that is reduced in Lightspeed Retail is always 1 unit.  It is designed for retailers that sell items in bins or bulk. 



This solution can be used in conjunction with the Phone Order Application for Lightspeed Retail.