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Weight Scale Integration

VEND Point of Sale is a cloud-based Point of Sale solution that offers numerous cutting-edge features that no other Point of Sale solution on the market provides.

  • The VEND weight scale application will update the price and quantity on the sale screen in real-time. Everything is integrated directly into the Point of Sale. 

  • VEND Point of Sale supports fractional quantities (e.g. 5.43 ounces). VEND will adjust inventory correctly for partial quantities on a completed sale.

  • The VEND Weight Scale application supports a variety of weight variations for different products (e.g. grams, ounces, pounds, etc). You can control the exact variation for each product in your Weight Scale Application settings.


VEND currently integrates with the StarMicronics Series of Weight scales. Click the link below to view all 3 models.  Currently, the weight scale is only certified for retailers based in the United States.

The VEND Weight Scale application integrates directly with your Windows computer (USB or Bluetooth), Apple Computer or through your iPAD tablet (Bluetooth Only). Contact VEND at +1-844-942-2559 to get started.