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With an impressive 20 boutiques across Australia, Camilla has its sights on the international market.
Heartland retail Netsuite Shopify Integrations

"After trying other solutions to integrate Shopify with NetSuite, Hyperspace was the
only option that met our needs"

Saurabh Bhola
Head of IT Camilla Corporation

About Camilla

Lovers of luxury bohemian fashion brand CAMILLA can find the intricate, hand-crafted limited-edition clothing, online and in retail stores throughout Australia and the United States. With sales reaching into 55 countries and growing, CAMILLA - founded by leading Australian fashion designer Camilla Franks - wanted to give customers a seamless shopping experience, regardless öf where they are.

The Challenge

Like many companies that have bricks and mortar as well as online stores, CAMILLA wanted to create a solution that seamlessly integrated their Shopify site, third-party Point of Sale and NetSuite ERP to provide the best experience possible for customers and streamline operations. NetSuite ERP manages the entire operational and financial aspects of the company and integrates with their third party Point-of-Sale platform to manage all inventory, wholesale and retail aspects of the company.

The challenge was finding a solution that could link these essential systems together easily and efficiently. The integration needed to address requirements for backend operations all the way through the online customer and employee experience. CAMILLA had tried other NetSuite-to-Shopify connectors in the past, and none of them achieved the desired goal.

For instance, CAMILLA needed to offer a simple way for customers to view available stock at all stores and choose either to ship from a store or click and collect (BOPIS). This functionality was available in other solutions they reviewed, but the flexibility to tailor it for their needs was lacking.

Although NetSuite ERP is the main hub for operations, CAMILLA wanted a solution that would not require employees to manually handle tasks directly in NetSuite ERP, preferring a simple web-based alternative that would greatly reduce training burdens while improving accuracy. 

These tasks include:

  • Accept or reject assigned ship from store or click and collect Shopify orders

  • Re-route Shopify orders to another store for fulfillment

  • Automatically facilitate online returns or enable in-store returns

The Solution

To address these requirements and more, CAMILLA turned to Hyperspace Enterprise's Shopify
NetSuite ERP connector that offers the flexibility and proven functionality it needed. Hyperspace's solution smoothly and efficiently connects Shopify with most leading POS and ERP systems and allows unlimited growth as new stores - and countries are added.

Hyperspace is a leading omnichannel integrator and works with retail businesses in seven countries.

Since 2008, Hyperspace has been helping retailers connect systems together to allow retailers to provide a cohesive customer experience - no matter. how the customer obtains goods and service or where the customer is physically located.

"After trying other solutions to integrate Shopify with NetSuite, Hyperspace was the
only option that met our needs in regards to cutting-edge capabilities, flexibility and

Saurabh Bhola
Head of IT Camilla Corporation