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Work Smarter not Harder

Work World connects NetSuite ERP, Heartland Retail Point of Sale and Shopify into 1 seamless solution.
Heartland retail Netsuite Shopify Integrations

"Hyperspace has enabled us to connect all key systems together as one seamless solution. "

Chris Hildreth
Vice President

About Work World

Work World proudly provides workwear, work boots, and other associated work gear throughout the Western United States. Customers can shop in-person at over 30 retail stores under the Work World and Whistle Workwear brand names throughout California, Nevada, and Washington, as well as online at 

The Challenge

In 2021, Work World identified the need to upgrade their technology platforms. Their primary driver was the ability to deliver customers a more seamless shopping experience regardless of whether they were originating their purchases in-store or online.

Work World sought to implement a fully integrated solution that combined many of the ‘best of breed’ solutions and included everything from ERP to the point of Sale to eCommerce. They wanted the ease and efficiency made possible by a single ERP solution, one designed to manage the entirety of their back-end operations, including accounting, order processing, inventory management, production, supply chain, and warehouse operations.

The Solution

The in-house team’s vision included a seamless integration to a full-featured Point of Sale platform that communicated in real-time to their online Shopify eCommerce platform and NetSuite ERP. The entire solution had to support shipping from store, omnichannel (Point of Sale) gift card integration, buy online-pick up in-store (click and collect), omnichannel (Point of Sale) loyalty, and more. One requirement was that every brick-and-mortar store also had to automatically update stock changes in the store in near real-time to the online store. Another key criterion was that every store had to have the capability to receive and fulfill individual items on a sale to support split orders and re-assign items to other stores.

After an extensive evaluation process, Work World selected NetSuite ERP as their platform of choice. NetSuite ERP manages all back-end operations and connects to their Heartland Retail Point of Sale and Shopify Plus eCommerce platform.

A seamless integration that works overtime for this work outfitter

Hyperspace clients get to leverage the company’s deep retail and NetSuite experience. Today, Work World enjoys a technology platform that combines all the premier solutions, providing them unlimited flexibility. The technology stack enables Work World to continue to grow over time and easily adapt to new retail strategies.

The entire solution (ERP+POS+eCommerce) is connected using the Hyperspace platform. Hyperspace provides an automated, transparent connector that ties everything together seamlessly.

"Hyperspace has enabled us to connect all key systems together as one seamless solution. We are positioned for growth, able to adapt to changing market demands and make continuous improvements to guest and employee experience, all without limits."

Chris Hildreth
Vice President